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In May of 2018, I was proud to provide a crucial vote to pass Medicaid Expansion in Virginia. After a more than four-year battle in the General Assembly, we finally overcame Republican obstruction to provide healthcare access to 400,000 Virginians. We could not have done this without you, and we could not have done this without the Blue Wave. When I won in 2017, the voters sent me to Richmond to get the job done, and I did. I will continue to fight for access to quality and affordable healthcare for all Virginians. Without affordable care, families in my district will not be able to go to work, send their kids to school, or aspire to reach the American Dream. I will always defend my constituents from Republican attacks on their healthcare.

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Teacher Pay

As a former elementary school teacher, I know that paying educators a fair wage makes it easier to keep and recruit the best teachers. It matters because we look to teachers to give our children the best education possible. That’s my hope for the children in our district—including my two daughters—and the reason why I fought so hard to push through a 5% pay raise for Virginia’s teachers.

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We need to be proactive about flooding and sea-level rise. It all starts with acknowledging the problem—climate change—which is why I co-patroned a bill that brings awareness to flood zones when buying or renting properties. Further, I was proud to fight for a resolution to have Virginia Beach join the American Flood Coalition so we can tackle this problem together.

Women’s Issues

As a mother to two young girls, Tessa and Sophie, I am obligated to improve the lives of my daughters however I can. They were my inspiration to first run for office, and they are my inspiration to fight every day for women and girls all over the country. Since being elected, I have advocated for policies that protect the rights of women and expand their social, economic, and healthcare opportunities. Once I’m re-elected, I will fight to finally pass the Equal Rights Amendment and bring Virginia into the 21st century on women’s issues. And I will fight to make sure that when they are adults, Tessa and Sophie can make their own healthcare choices alongside their doctors without government interference.

Gun Violence

Gun violence has become a public health crisis in our country. Every single day, lives are needlessly taken by criminals who should not have access to firearms. Let me be clear – I am a gun owner. My husband, Dave, is a law enforcement officer. I support the 2nd Amendment and believe that law-abiding citizens should not have their rights infringed. However, it is imperative that we take steps to address gun violence by expanding background checks, limiting modifications like silencers and extended magazines, and ensuring domestic abusers and violent criminals aren’t able to have access to deadly weapons. So many elected officials have failed to address gun violence beyond “thoughts and prayers.” We need to take action. We need votes and laws.