The Priorities


As a former third-grade teacher and mom of three, I know the value of a strong public education system. I will always fight to invest in our kids, raise teacher pay, and keep politics out of the classroom.

Reproductive Freedom

It is critical that we stand up for reproductive freedom. I believe that reproductive health care decisions should be left to women and their doctors – not the government.


Healthcare is a human right. I am deeply committed to ensuring every Virginian has access to the services they need, no matter how much money you earn.


Lowering costs and raising wages for every day Virginians is my top priority. From lowering prescription drug prices to opposing tax cuts for corporations, I have been proud to stand up for working families.

Voting Rights

Voting is a fundamental right in America. I will always defend access to the ballot box and fight for reforms that make it easier for Virginians to make their voices heard.


Frequent storms and rising sea-level threaten our coastal community. We must protect our beaches, waterways, and greenspaces and do our part to fight climate change.

Get Involved


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