Meet Kelly

Delegate Kelly Fowler and her daughters

Kelly Fowler’s life has always been dedicated to the service of others. She’s worked as an elementary school teacher and owns her own small real estate business specializing in military family relocation and advocacy. She has been a resident of Virginia Beach since childhood and cares deeply for her community.

As a daughter to a military family, Kelly moved to Virginia Beach at a young age. She attended public school right here in Virginia Beach and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees just up the road from her district at Virginia Wesleyan and Old Dominion.

Delegate Kelly Fowler and her family

In 2016, Kelly was fed up with the state of American politics. Donald Trump had just been elected president and her local representative was more beholden to his campaign contributors than his constituents. So she decided to take action. She organized marches, she ran for office, and on November 7th, 2017, she won.

Since being sworn in, Delegate Fowler has dedicated her public service career to creating a better future for her two young daughters, Tessa and Sophie. She was a key vote to expand Medicaid, raise teacher pay, and provide tax breaks to small businesses across Virginia. Once she is reelected with a Democratic Majority, she looks forward to passing the Equal Rights Amendment, taking steps to fight flooding and climate change, and taking bold action to curb gun violence in Virginia.

Delegate Fowler supports transparency and will serve with integrity, and will support legislation to ensure others do the same. Her personal, gift and campaign finance disclosures can be found here.